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Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic systems are sealed using a combination of specialized seals between the openings of the various components in the hydraulic cylinder. Not only must the hydraulic seals prevent leakage of fluid from the cylinder, but hydraulic seals must also withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures and transverse forces within the cylinder.

Rod Seals

Rod seals, which guard against external leakage, are one of the most vital components of the sealing system.

E-Ring T-Seal Rod Seals

Piston Seals

Piston seals act as pressure barrier and prevent fluid passing the piston. It helps to control the cylinder motion and maintaining the position when at rest.

Double Acting Seals Piston Seals T-Seals for Piston

Wiper Seals

Just as rod seals are designed to keep the fluid in, wiper seals perform to keep the contamination out. Wipers work in conjunction with rod seals to form the first line of defense in protecting the system and keeping it free from dirt, mud, water and other contaminants.

Wiper Seals

Vee Packings

Vee packings (or V-Packings) are multiple-lip (chevron) seals comprised of a group of endless rings and are popular for sealing rods and pistons. They can be used for low and high pressure applications and with single or double acting cylinders. Vee packings are precision formed rubber and combination rubber/fabric sealing products designed to protect equipment from leakage and costly down time.

Vee Packings


An o-ring seal is used to prevent the loss of fluid and gas. The shape of an o-ring is a circular torus or doughnut-shaped ring. The materials used in o-rings for sealing are elastomers

O-Ring Cord O-Ring O-Ring